Track of Electrical Engineering Topics

Hybrid AC/DC Micro-grids.
Power Transmission and Generation.
Machine learning applications in power systems.
Smart grid systems.
Electric vehicles.
Power system stability, planning, and operation.
Engineering Innovations in Lighting Design, Implementation, and energy saving.
Green hydrogen and ammonia for energy and industrial purposes.


Track of Architectural Engineering Topics

Energy & Urban Environment in Architecture, Urban Design, & Urban Planning.
Water Resources in Urban Planning.
Sustainable in Architecture & Urban Planning.
Challenges for Smart Cities.
Applications of AI, BIM & CIM in Architecture, Urban Planning and Smart Cities.
Architectural Education.
Smart Mobility & Infrastructure.

Track of Civil Engineering Topics

Concrete technology and environmental Engineering.
Steel and Composite Structures.
Hydraulics and irrigation Systems.
Geotechnical Engineering.
Highway and survey Engineering.

Track of Electronics and Communications Engineering Topics

IoT & Ad-Hoc Networking.
Communication Software.
Antenna Systems.
Positioning & Navigation.
Remote Sensing.
Green Communications.
Electrical Power Engineering.

Track of Computer Engineering Topics

Computer Systems and Networking.
Artificial Intelligence.
Deep Learning and Applications.
Computing and Informatics.
Information Security & Cyber-Security.
Data Science/Analytics.

Track of Mechanical Engineering - Mechatronics Topics

Designing and analyzing control systems.
Development and control of robotic systems.
Sensors and Actuators.
Automation and Robotics.
Embedded Systems.
Smart Materials.
Micro-electromechanical Systems (MEMS).
Motion Control.


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